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ZOHO Services


If you are using a lot of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and Google documents to manage your customers, products, services, your quotes and sales orders, your purchases and inventory, and if you are a small company with less than 20 staff employees, you may want to start using ZOHO for managing your business in the cloud. 

You may start with ZOHO Books or Quickbooks accounting but, then you start definitely  using ZOHO CRM to manage your prospects, customers, quotes, sales orders and purchase orders. There is an interface with Quickbooks Online. Next you need an intranet portal to store and share documents, to store and share weblinks, to create calendars and task lists. For this you will use ZOHO Docs, ZOHO Sheet, ZOHO Notebook, ZOHO Connect, and some of the other ZOHO modules. 

We do strongly recommend to subscribe to the enterprise version of ZOHO so that you can create several database tables in ZOHO CRM.  You can contact us to help you with the subscription, the set up and the training. Our experience will trust you forward in using ZOHO so that you can focus on sales, fulfiling orders and earning money.

Internet Customer Solutions has implemented ZOHO CRM and other ZOHO products for many businesses. We customized it for each business, and our customers have been using it for more than 10 years. Because we understand their industry, business and their IT needs, all the implementations have been very successful. 

Internet Customer Solutions is an authorized reseller of ZOHO.

ZOHO Services


Presented below in the video are the  differences between the 40+ Zoho solutions that you will be using. To make this easier,a video below describes all of the Zoho products and explains how you will be using them in your day to day business operations. Most CRM’s provide great assistance in regards to managing leads and sales, but this is where the benefit ends. Zoho on the other hand provides a wide range of business solutions that help businesses by starting with the marketing, continuing on to the sales cycle and from there to the customer service, accounting, up-selling products and much, much more. An entire business solution for only $30



ZOHO CRM is one of most popular products of ZOHO. You can easily adjust it for your business.

ZOHO Books for Accounting 

ZOHO Books lets you create your GL accounts,.

More information about ZOHO Books is here.

ZOHO Invoice


ZOHO Invoice lets you add items/products and create invoices.

Details of all the above ZOHO Service modules can be seen at: .

ZOHO Plans and Pricing

You can start with a FREE version, then move to a Professional version for $12/agent/month to an Enterprise version for $25/agent/month.

Please call us at 973 244 1470 or chat with us to discuss the plans and pricing since we are an authorized ZOHO partner.

Details at:

Order Here

Try or order here your free ZOHO CRM account.

Try or order here your free ZOHO Projects account.

To try or buy the other ZOHO services, call us or email us.

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