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This About Us page covers the following items:

  • Company Overview

  • Company Achievements

  • Management

Company Overview

The company focuses on offering a total IT solution to small and medium size companies. Such a solution addresses the following business needs with the following IT solutions:

  • Managing all business functions: transactions and data. The IT solution consists of an ERP Package for your specific industry.

  • Managing all your collaboration and communications internally and externally with vendors, dealers, customers, subcontractors. The IT solution consists of MS Office 365 and a VOIP system which are both integrated with the ERP Package mentioned above. 

The total IT solution resides in the cloud as a pure cloud solution so that this is available at any time from anywhere from any device via a webbrowser. Not via a VPN, Remote Desktop Service or an HTTP client. 

This total IT cloud solution can be in a private or a public cloud. The economics of such a cloud solution outperform by far the traditional on premise data centers. 

Company Achievements

Going back in time, the major achievement of the company are as follows:

  • Ned Stevens: automation of the whole company consisting of:

    • Developing of a pure web based ERP system for its gutter cleaning and installation business. Accounting was not included.  This has doubled their annual revenue

    • Implementation of a VoIP phone system and contact center for Inbound and Outbound calling

    • Installation of routers and switches

  • On The Spot Home Improvement: automation of the whole company consisting of:

    • Set up of server based accounting system of Microsoft

    • Implementation of a VoIP phone system 

    • Implementation of a computer network

    • Implementation of a CCTV system with remote access

  • JVC Professional

    • Implementation of a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system, that is a pure web based system

    • Development of a completely database driven public website that is still running today. We were way ahead of our time with this. 

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)

    • Design of an E_Commerce system for AIA contract templates

  • Tax and Accounting Practice in NJ

    • Moved all applications from a Novell server to a Microsoft Windows Server​

    • Developed an application to import all stock trades of wealthy people into an Excel sheet that can be imported into a professional tax application

  • Wired a whole office campus to provide internet connection to about 25 tenants. Set up their office Local Area Network​ consisting of a router, switches and computers.

  • Ace Healhtcare Training 

    • Computers and networking​

      • Set up a WAN and LAN for both schools

    • Hosted VoIP​

      • Set up hosted VoIP (RingCentral) at both schools

    • Online Email, Online collaboration and Communications​

      • Set up MS Office 365 for both schools​

        • Set up its public web domain

        • Developed their first public website​ which had about 120 visits per day

        • Set up MS Exchange Online  and the email ids for users and for the website contact forms

        • Set up the employee and student portals using MS Sharepoint Online

          • A student portal was set up for each training program​ so that students could see the training program calendar, the training material, the home assignments, and student policies (testing, absence, make up). No more printing of class handouts. All this brought order, qualily and discipline to the class. 

          • The employee portal had information for accounting, marketing, taxes, sales, teachers, HR, IT, legal, and NJ school requirements. 

    • Online testing​​​ for each training program

      • Students can take tests from their cell phones​ with immediate scoring when done. This ensured quality in the training.

    • Online registration and marketing of the students​​​

      • Using ZOHO CRM, leads and student contact records were properly managed. These leads could come from the website contact form, or from outbound and inbound sales. Student contacts are used for marketing campaigns for more advanced healthcare training programs using ZOHO Campaign​

    • Online people recruitment​

      • Using ZOHO Recruit, ​recruiting was properly managed to get quality employees

    • Online employee performance management using ZOHO People​

    • Online time attendance

      • Using and a fingerprint time clock, employee attendance was properly managed. Time cards, vacation and sick requests were properly approved so that there would be no disputes.​

    • Online accounting​

      • Quickbooks Online enabled online invoicing and payment bookings to be done immediately at both schools.​ Payroll could be done properly and on time. Employment withholdings could be filed on time.

    • Online credit/debit care payment processing​

      • Using Square, credit/debit card payments by students could be processed right away as the students was ready to pay. ​

    • Online private cloud instead of a file server. ​

      • Using WDMyCloud, a WD Mycloud enabled employees to store documents immediately on their WD Mycloud, that everybody can access from anywhere from any device. From there documents can be uploaded to the MS Sharepoint sites for more permanent storage. ​

  • Ace Home Healthcare​​​​

    • Computers and networking​

      • Set up a WAN and LAN 

    • Hosted VoIP​

      • Set up hosted VoIP (RingCentral) with forwarding to cell phones for sales people

    • Online Email, Online collaboration and Communications​

      • Set up MS Office 365 

        • Set up their public web domain

        • Developed their first public website​ which had about 80 visits per day

        • Set up MS Exchange Online  and the email ids for users and for the website contact forms

        • Set up the employee portal for employee on boarding regarding billing patients and Veterans Admin., and paying Certified Home Health Aides

    • Online registration of patients, and assignment of patients to Certified Home Health Aides, and management of daily task plan could be done properly. Patient portals were enabled. This enabled us to be accredited for CAHC. 

    • Quickbooks online

  • Private websites or portals for several small companies where specific business functions were automated using a database and a private website in ASP.Net.

  • About thirty public websites that were mostly database driven.


Toon Six



Founder and President of Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. since 2000.

Started building simple websites, hosted them, provided email hosting, and networked many small offices. Soon started designing complex database driven websites, web applications and networking larger offices. About then advanced web developers (ASP.Net and C#, JSP, SQL, etc. developed the designed websites and web applications.

Later on we implemented VoIP phone systems (IP PBXs and hosted VOIP systems) that were managed in the cloud. Learning never stopped. Microsoft Office 365 was implemented from its early stages to the up to date version with many small businesses. Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online is being used internally and with clients to its fullest. Now Microsoft Teams is being integrated with the Acumatica Cloud ERP internally and with clients. We walk our talk. Getting Silver certified with Acumatica ERP was quite an achievement since the training requirements are very elaborate and cover a lot of depth. Not only are we offering Acumatica Cloud ERP but we are offering ERP packages for major industries, that are complete and solid for those industries, Those ERP packages are integrated with a collaboration tool called MS SharePoint and MS Teams so that not only all business data and transactions are managed but also all documentation, conversations, discussions and video calls/chats. All this is done in the cloud to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. 

Regarding experience prior to Internet Customer Solutions, Toon worked at:

  • NCR, Computer Network Management as the European Channel Manager

  • AT&T Global Information Systems as Market Research Analyst

  • AT&T Business Operations Management as Sales Manager selling our internal IT services to the AT@T Business Units. Introduced and used Artificial Intelligence systems in 1990!

  • Nabisco, Exxon Research and Engineering as a systems designer and developer of multiple business applications in a 4th generation language

  • Esso Belgium as a systems designer and developer of multiple business applications at the refinery in PL/1

  • Dedicated Systems, Chicago, as a programmer for an Accounting Package on a Data General in Cobol (1978)

Regarding education, Toon has the following achievements:

  • MS Operations Research, Michigan State University, 1977

  • Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

    • MBA courses 

    • MS in Management Information Systems

    • BA in Business Administration

Regarding other achievements:

  • Founded and managed the MS/ORSA (now INFORS) chapter of New Jersey.

  • Membership officer for the Microsoft NJ User Group

Hobbies: Soccer, Tennis, Swimming and Running

Languages: English, Dutch, French and German

Contact information:

MS Teams:

Twitter:  or @ToonSix


Ph: 973 244 1470


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