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Online Services

The Business Problems , The Needs and The Integrated Solution in a Nutshell 


  • Static Website is out of date. I can't change it myself.


Most businesses have a website that is a brochure website that is always out of date, or doesn't have any substantial information for prospects or customers to be convinced of the product or service. This problem exists because the website was built by web developers, and can not be changed online by marketing people or technical support people. Therefore the need for an online website development tool with proper links to social media, interactive discussion forums, contact lead forms that create leads in the company CRM database. Our company offers you , ZOHO Sites or a Content Management System (CMS) to develop websites online. We help you all the way. 


  • No Collaboration Tool, or Not an Integrated Collaboration Tool 


A lot of businesses still have their employees store their documents or files in their computer or in a department file server. Such a department file server can not be accessed remotely, or it can via remote desktop services, which is cumbersome. Files on such a file server can not be shared in real-time for editing. Teams have no tool to set up team calendars, team discussion forums, team project tasks with alerts, team project members, team project videos, team chat and team web conferencing, team email lists, and team video calling.  Teams may have some tools to handle some of these items but their tools do not address all these items in one integrated solution. Therefore the need for an integrated tool that handles all the above items. Such a tool is called MS Office 365 or ZOHO Services that handles all the above in the cloud that people can access from anywhere at any time.  This is a huge time saver that stops the nightmares of searching for files on somebody's computer or file server.  


  • Client/Server applications accessible only in the office. VPN disconnects. Maintaining servers is a nightmare. 


A lot of businesses have still mail servers on premise, which clog their internet connection with junk email. Businesses still have client/server applications running on their servers on-premise. Those servers require a lot of labor to maintain their hardware and software, and to keep them up to date for the latest software technologies. Most of those servers and server applications can not be accessed via a web browser, and require remote desktop services via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Adding servers is expensive. All these problems are solved by hosting applications in a private or public cloud where you can add or change servers via a web browser when you need it. You only pay for the time that you use them. You don't have to worry about hardware maintenance and backup. Our company can help you with the selection and set up of the right private or public cloud. 



  • Expensive Phone System in the Closet. Can Not Touch it 


A lot of businesses have an old phone system (PBX) with analog phone lines that requires a phone technician to add or change extensions, and pull copper wires. That all takes weeks before it gets done. There is mobile application. The phone service can be $500/mth for about 10 lines. Voice over IP (VoIP) cuts this cost in half, and enables a non-tech person to add or change extensions, to forward calls to cell phones, to check call logs and messages online. No calls get lost since missed calls can also create an email and/or a text message. Our IP PBX from Epygi or our Hosted VoIP from RingCentral provides all these features in the cloud.   


Overview of Services 


Our online services consist of subscription based services that enable you to access and run a solution that is hosted by Microsoft. The services that are described in this section are subscription based and horizontal. The subscription/horizontal services consist of Interactive Website and E-Commerce Development, Portal Development, Collaboration setup, Cloud Computing and Hosted VoIP. . 

Horizontal services are services that apply to any industry, and are not industry specific. For instance our interactive website development tool can be used to develop a website for any industry. The content and structure of the content will differ from industry to industry. 



Our horizontal subscription based services consists of two alternative sets of services such as: 











Microsoft services versus ZOHO services




















Other Online services 


Other horizontal subscription based services are as follows: 


  • Cloud Computing 

    • Private Cloud Computing (No sharing of resources) 

    • Public Cloud Computing (resources (memory, hdu...) shared among tenants) 

  • Hosted VoIP 


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