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Why Acumatica?


The main features that make Acumatica ERP shine above any  other cloud ERP are as follows:

  • Flexibility

    • Non IT people can easily create Generic Inquiries (GI) to see any data they want, an add it to their dashboard so that they can focus on their business function performance. These personalized dashboards can also be seen in their Acumatica mobile app.

    • Non IT people can customize/change the forms/screens of Acumatica after a short learning time so their business needs are represented in their forms/screens. This is unique to Acumatica ERP because it has an open xRP development platform. This is crucial for every business since every business had unique needs. Learn more.

    • Integrations with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Applications can be done so fast because of the open xRP development platform and  its REST APIs. That is why Acumatica ERP has added about 200 ISV apps in the last two years. Learn more.

  • Pricing is about 50% cheaper over the long term (3-5 years) than the comparable cloud EPRs on the market. Learn more.

  • The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the Acumatica ERP versus the TCO of the traditional ERPs (SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, MS Dynamics GP, AX and NAV, Infor, Epicor, Sage, etc. is so much lower.  Learn more.

  • Support is non-relenting from us and the Acumatica ecosystem (Acumatica, ISVs and other partners)

  • Commitment to long term development, and online training. 80% of Acumatica employees are developers. Fast and reliable development is enabled by a modern but solid development platform. 

The video (35 mins, April 2018) below from an industry analyst will testify to the above points

The video (20 mins, April 2017) below from an UK IT company explains why it considers Acumatica as a top performing ERP.

Third Party Evaluations

Check out evaluations from:

Acumatica Platform Architecture 2017.png

Customer Testimonials

The customers below clearly confirm why Acumatica is the best choice. Check them out. 

  • Power Storage Solutions

    • Implementation cost of NetSuite and Salesforce was sky high, and took at least 6 months. Acumatica takes from 2 -4 months depending on the cleanliness of the data, the suites and modules to be implemented, and the integrations with ISV applications to be installed.​

    • Before the Acumatica ERP installation, they had about six best of breed systems (CRM, accounting, HR, ..) that were all disconnected, and where connecting them was a nightmare. After the Acumatica ERP system installation, they appreciated very much to have to deal with only one system!

  • More customer testimonials​

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