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Cloud Solutions

The Business Problems, the Needs and the Solution in a Nutshell

Every business has its own problems, and needs a solution for those problems. Below are some business problems with which you may identify your business but, also see which solution can solve your business problems effectively and efficiently . 

  • Problem: Client/Server ERP system sits in the office, and people have limited access to it​

    • Need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to  access ERP system but, the VPN disconnects in the middle of a major transaction. I have to do the transaction all over again​

    • If my computer freezes with my VPN, I can't go to another computer because that computer doesn't have that specific VPN client. 

    • I can't use my browser plug ins for VoIP, password management, web conferencing, notebook clips, etc

    • Transferring files to/from my PC is awkward

    • Customization of the ERP takes weeks

    • Integration with another application takes months

    • No mobile application

    • No collaboration tool in the cloud. No customer portal. No vendor portal. No integration with Microsoft Office 365 and VoIP

    • Fear of virus attacks and getting hacked

    • Please, don't forget to make a backup, or check the backup daily. Hopefully we can restore them?

    • So expensive to maintain

Solution: Acumatica Cloud ERP solves all the above issues.

  • Problem: My CRM is seperate from my ERP

    • Customer data is duplicated and not in sync​

    • No universal view of customer information and related sales orders, shipments and invoices. 

Solution: Acumatica Cloud ERP contains CRM and ERP all in one system and with one database

  • Problem: MY ERP system is hosted in the cloud but to use Remote Desktop Service (RDS) or VPN to access it. Always disconnects.

    • If my computer freezes with my VPN, I can't go to another computer because that computer doesn't have that specific VPN client. 

Solution: Acumatica Cloud ERP is accessed through a browser from any device. No RDS or VPN is needed. 

  • Problem: My ERP system is proprietary. Forget about easy customization and integration with other applications

Solution: Acumatica Cloud ERP can be customized a lot by non-IT people using the Acumatica xRP development tools. Integration tools such as Restfull APIs, enable fast integration with other applications. Such integration is bi-directional and real-time. No batch jobs.

  • Problem: Installed an expensive ERP system on premise for $MLns. Maintaining it costs me another $0.5MLn/year, and still limited access. Only  a few updates are done in a year. Sick of it!

    • Licensed the software for about $0.5 Mln - $2Mln/year​.  Another minimum of $0.5Mln for implementation. Spend another $2Mln on customization and integrations since it's installation. Now to keep paying $0.5Mln/year to maintain all the software and hardware. And I am still having all these problems listed in the first business problem above.

Solution: Acumatica Cloud ERP subscription costs about $50K - $100K/year, three ISV apps subscriptions for about $25K/year total,  one time consulting time for implementation of ERP and ISV apps for about $200K, private cloud hosting fee of about  $1000/mth for 2 private servers with automatic backup. And now you are in the cloud with all its advantages including more revenue generating opportunities. Cost savings and additional revenue generation puts you at about 80% cheaper operating costs than with your expensive ERP system installed on premise. 



To enable your employees to manage at anytime from anywhere your customers, vendors, inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, payroll and projects, you need a true cloud ERP system. Acumatica Cloud ERP is a true cloud ERP system with the best price.

To enable to manage all your documents, your calendars, your discussion groups, your findings among your employees, your customers and vendors, you need Microsoft Office 365 for email, collaboration (Sharepoint) and web conferencing. Yes, MS Office 365 Sharepoint sites can be embedded in your Acumatica ERP.

To ensure that no phone call or fax gets lost, you need a VoIP system that can always find you and that alerts you of missed calls, and that is accessible in the cloud. Epygi IP PBX (Quadro products) offers you this in the cloud. 

All these solutions are listed below with a brief description. You can click on More to get more details.


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