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What type of people are we looking for?

We are looking for experienced ERP consultants who have sold and implemented ERP systems, and trained users in the use of it. These ERP consultants must have accounting experience and  Microsoft System Administrator experience. Experience with Microsoft Office 365 is  required. We are also looking for ASP.Net (C#) developers who can develop customizations and applications for the Acumatica Cloud ERP, and for Microsoft Sharepoint Online. 

Besides this required technical experience, we look for a personality with the following qualifications:

  •  Commitment

    • If there is a problem, try your uttermost best to solve it yourself first, and then with the help of colleagues. ​

    • If you have a due date, stay late if needed and finish the project on time. Compensation time is allowed. 

  • Independence​

    • Plan and prepare yours​elf to do your work by yourself. 

    • Plan ahead when you expect issues. Document your plan and your actual work daily. Documentation is a must

  • Discipline​

    • Plan your work, work your plan daily even when you a hundred tasks to do. ​

    • Prioritize your tasks with the right priority

  • Communication skills​

    • Really good written and verbal communications skills are a must. ​

    • Being able to structure your document and your presentation properly. No grammar mistakes. 

    • Speaking clearly and with poise

    • Speaking in terms of the business customer and their market.

    • Being able to control yourself when there is a heated discussion

  • Support each other​

    • We don't accept the blame game. ​Once hired we support each other as a team. 

Why would you join our company?

Our company offers an unique total business solution that uses leading cloud technology , to small and mid-size businesses which are keen to automate the management of their company in the cloud. This unique solution is as follows:

  • We offer an "All in the Cloud" solution to small and medium sized companies. This "All in the Cloud Solution" automates:

    • The management of all operational  business function transactions such as managing leads, customers, sales quotes, sales orders, shipments, invoices, customer payments, purchase orders, receipts of purchased products, bills, payments to vendors, manufacturing production orders, etc. Of course all this is taken care of by our Acumatica Based Cloudl ERP Package for customer's industry.

    • The management of documents, discussions, chat and social media. Besides the transactions, a lot of documents have to be managed and be discussed in a company. This is enabled by Microsoft Office 365 that is fully integrated at the execution level with the Acumatica Cloud ERP. Microsoft Office 365 is also offered for document management, sharing and discussions at the strategic planning level and the tactical planning level. Our company provides an unique methodology for managing those documents, discussions, chat and social media. 

We are a small company but growing fast in a structured, effective and efficient way in the market of cloud solutions and services. 

  • You will be working in a structured environment where there is order and guidance. No chaos.

  • You will share your work in the cloud, and you will see your colleague's work in the cloud. No turfdom.

  • You will be engaged and empowered to discuss sales, marketing and development strategies. 

  • You will be responsible for your customers which will give you a lot of authority and decision power.

Competitive salary and benefits​

  • There is an online structured training available for all our solutions and services

  • Based on your skills and performance level, a competitive salary will be offered.

  • Benefits such as health insurance, dental and vision insurance, tuition reimbursement and paid time off are available

Growth opportunities

  • Since our company is growing fast, we are always looking to offer promotional opportunities in the organization.

  • You will get management guidance.


ERP Consultant

Job Description

Once a customer has signed up for the "All in the Cloud" solution, or for part (eg. ERP package) of it, the ERP consultant will conduct the discovery (requirements analysis), the exploration of alternative solutions, the recommendation of the best solution, the project planning, the implementation of the solution, the training and the maintenance of the solution.  He/she will coordinate customizations and application development with the ASP.Net developers.

Job Requirements

  • Technical skills required

  • ​Writing and communication skills required​

Salary and Benefits

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Junior ASP.Net (C#) Developer

Job Description

The junior ASP.Net (C#) developer will customize the Acumatica Based ERP Package (see details), will help the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to  implement their ISV app at customers, will develop applications within the Acumatica Cloud ERP using the Acumatica xRP Development frame (see details), and will develop MS Sharepoint Online applications.

Job Requirements

  • Technical skills required

  • ​Writing and communication skills required​

Salary and Benefits

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Cloud Solutions Sales Representative

Job Description

The Cloud Solutions Sales Representative will sell all the cloud solutions and services of our company. 

Initially he/she will be trained on all the solutions and services, and will have to pass some tests. He/she will have to install the Acumatica Cloud ERP system, do some exercises with it and prepare some demos. He/She will be trained about the competition and the targeted industries. He/She will use the Acumatica Cloud ERP CRM to document sales interactions, make sales proposals, and to close the sales. 

He/She will develop a sales plan, a sales quota and sales status reports. 

Job Requirements

  • Technical skills required

  • ​Writing and communication skills required​

Salary and Benefits

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Microsoft Sharepoint Developer.

Job Description

The Microsoft Sharepoint Developer will develop an information architecture for each customer based on its needs according to our company's methodology. He/She will also integrate MS Office 365, MS Sharepoint Online sites, subsites, MS Teams, MS applications and tools with the Acumatica Cloud ERP system  on a customer bases. He/She may have to brand the Sharepoint Sites as well develop some applications. 

Job Requirements

  • Technical skills required

  • ​Writing and communication skills required​

Salary and Benefits

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