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Office Private Cloud


An office private cloud consists of an external hard drive that is connected to your LAN switch so that it is accessible from any computer in your office and from any device on the internet assuming you have access rights. Sometimes such an external drive is called a cloud drive. 

The beauty of it is that you can easily drag and drop files from your computer in your LAN to the cloud drive just like you do for other drives on your PC. Other people will easily find files on this cloud drive if the folders are logically structured. 

You can also access this cloud drive from the internet at anytime from anywhere from any device. You upload files to it, or download files from it. 

This replaces the old fileserver that used to be popular in the 1990s. This is far much better than relying on an external hard drive that is attached to a particular computer, that needs to be running to be able to access the attached external hard drive. 

Such a cloud drive costs about $130 to $350 depending on the size (2 TB to 6 TB) of it. You can install this cloud drive onsite or offsite. 

The value of such an office private cloud is that everybody with access right can access it in the office using drag and drop, and on the internet from anywhere. 

Internet Customer Solutions can help you to set it up properly. 


An office private cloud enables you to do the following:

  • Set up shares/folders as follows:

    • public share accessible by anyone who is a member​

    • a private share per member with certain access rights

    • a private share can be shared among members with certain access rights

  • Access from the web from a PC with a web browser or from a mobile device using the vendor's mobile app.​

We recommend the Western DIgital MyCloud

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