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Acumatica Based ERP Package for Lite Manufacturing

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When your manufacturing business has an annual revenue between $3Mln and about $10 Mln, and not  a complex BIll of Material, the Acumatica Based ERP for Lite Manufacturing may be a perfect fit. The package includes Acumatica ERP Suites for Finance and Distribution. and the embedded extension for Lite Manufacturing. You get all these features for a very reasonable price.

The video ( 50 mins , 2/202) below includes a presentation of the BOM and Production Orders.


The Acumatica Based ERP Package for Lite Manufacturing includes:

  • Acumatica Cloud ERP Suites for:

  • The embedded extension for Lite Manufacturing

The embedded extension for lite manufacturing has the following main features:

  • Bill of Material (BOM)

  • Production Orders



The embedded extension for lite manufacturing is sufficient when you can plan by hand when to start your production orders, and from there when to place the purchase orders for the materials. No advanced production and purchase planning is needed that would be based on future demand, incoming purchase receipts, inventory reorder points and inventory order quantities. The BOM can be several levels consisting of materials and  of sub assemblies for which you buy all materials. This would be the case when your company for instance installs entertainment centers, computers, computer networks, on premise VOIP, storage racks, conveyors and sorting stations in a warehouse, or when your company constructs a home, a shed, a driveway , a roof, plumbing. windows, building access systems, etc. With just the BOM and the Production Order Maintenance features, you can see which materials are short in the inventory, place purchase orders for them, and track the operations/routing steps, and see how much material and labor was used at each operation/step. To make it very easy for you, you can create sales orders from your sales quotes, that have lines for such finished goods, and create from those sales orders production/work orders. From a production order, you can create a list  of all the materials that are out of stock, and need to be purchased. Such purchase orders can be created automatically. So three steps in total: Sales Order, Production Order and Purchase Orders. That is efficiency!


If you want to plan your production orders and purchase orders over time based on current and future demand, incoming purchase receipts, inventory reorder points and inventory order quantities, then you need to license the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) feature as part of the Acumatica Manufacturing module/workspace.


The extension uses the  database of the Acumatica Cloud ERP, and the same form formats of the Acumatica Cloud ERP.  That is why it is an embedded extension.

Alternative Lite Manufacturing Management Systems

Alternative lite manufacturing management systems are available from:

  • Information Integration Group. 

    • BOM and routing

    • Production planning: calculating the required quantity of finished good to be manufactured

    • Production management: Tracking used labor and materials. 

    • Scheduling board where you can reschedule jobs yourself via drag and drop

    • Click here to learn more.

  • Advanced Solutions and Consulting

    • Click here to learn more

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