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Why Us?


Why Internet Customer Solutions?  The main reasons why you should use Internet Customer Solutions are as follows:

  1. Knowledge and expertise

  2. Total cloud solution for main industries

  3. Systematic interactive project approach with unique communication channel with your company

  4. Very reasonable pricing

Knowledge and expertise

Knowledge and expertise consists of:

  • Business knowledge and expertise

  • Industry knowledge and expertise

  • IT Technical knowledge and expertise

Regarding business knowledge and expertise, our company uses all the systems that are offered in this website for its internal business. We have helped businesses streamline their business strategic, tactical and operational plans. We did the cost break-even analysis, analyzed their product and service portfolio, their revenues and costs, their organization structure, and their business process flow and operations. We planned the improvements, and implemented them to see a double growth in revenue and a substantial drop in costs. 

Regarding industry knowledge and expertise, our staff has developed and implemented several large web based systems from scratch for the professional audio and video market, for the home improvement market, for the consumer goods market, for the insurance market, for the retail market, for the food processing market, and the construction market. This business knowledge and expertise was obtained by  working along our customer staff, and shadowing them while they were doing their business. Click here for more details. 

Regarding IT technical knowledge and expertise, we have been developing mostly web based systems since 2000. In 2002 we developed a database driven website for JVC Professional, which is still being used today. We were way ahead of our time. The JVC marketing group would enter a new video camera in the database, the corresponding specs, pictures, sales brochures, accessories, user manuals, and news articles, and the website would immediately present all this material in a nice structured format. Time to market was fast. Click here to see it. 

JVC PRO website.jpg

Total cloud solution for main industries

Internet Customer Solutions offers a total cloud solution for your business. The "All in the Cloud" solution is proof of that. Our ERP Packages for the targeted industries are proof of that. We look at the business plans at a strategic level, a tactical level and operational level. We look at the implementation of those plans, and compare them with best practices for that industry. Based on the gap between plans, best practices and operations, we recommend changes and solutions. Regarding IT solutions, we offer a total cloud solution that addresses planning and operations. Regarding operational transactions we offer a cloud ERP that covers nearly all the business functions. We integrate that ERP with collaboration and communication tools in the cloud, and with VoIP in the cloud, Click here for details.

MS Teams Site for Crossroads Plaza Owner

Systematic interactive project approach with unique communication channel with your company

All projects are fully documented in our collaboration tools, and structured so that there will be no surprises. We use Microsoft Sharepoint Online to document everything, and share it via our communication Microsoft Teams with our prospects, customers, suppliers, and employees. Everything is online and accessible at any time from anywhere. We walk our talk. The communication tool is not a monolog but a dialog so that new material can be discussed quickly from any device. 

Crossroads Plaza Owner MS Teams site.jpg
Sharepoint Online site - Product catalog

Very reasonable pricing

Internet Customer Solutions always looks for solutions that are very reasonably priced. This is a main reason why we choose Acumatica as our ERP supplier. The same is true for VoIP and Microsoft Office 365. All of them offer a lot of value for a great price, and they are leading edge technologies that have been proven. 

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