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All in the Cloud Solution


Our All in the Cloud Solution let you do everything in the cloud. Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), your email, your contacts, your calendar,  your todo's, your collaboration (document and team) management, and your communication (chat, voice calls, video calls, web conferencing) are all in the cloud that is accessible at anytime from anywhere and from any device. 

This means that when you are looking at a sales or service order in your ERP,  you can from that screen click on the button "Contact Customer", and communicate (voice call, video call, chat or webconference) with your customer via a private interactive portal to discuss some order details, product details, shipment dates, prices, etc. While you discuss the order you can pull up right away some documents or pictures, or share your web cam to explain some details. This way issues will be solved very quickly, every will be documented, the customer can go back to the private portal and see the related material, chats and weblinks. Much less emailing back and forth. No more playing phone tag. Documentation will be accessible to the right parties at anytime from any device. This is not only for sales orders, this is applicable to any screen in our ERP.  The collaboration and communicaton tools that are part of Microsoft Office 365, can also be used for tasks and projects outside our ERP. 

We will enable your website visitors to video chat or call or video call from any webpage in your website so that sales can become instant. 

Collaborating  from any screen in your ERP

Collaborating with somebody means sharing a document, editing it simultaneously, sharing web links, sharing a calendar, sharing issues, sharing videos, etc about a particular item, customer, etc.. To do this we use Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint Online. 

Below is a screen capture of a stock item form in Acumatica, which has a button "Documents". When you click on the button, it will open up a new tab with a MS Sharepoint site (pic 2) that has documents (pic 3), web links (pic 4), etc about this particular stock item. In this case you will immediately find more information about that stock item, and can share this Shareopoint site with a customer or 3rd party., and discuss it over the phone. 

Acumatica Stock Item Form - Mitsubishi A
Sharepoint Online site for Mitsubishi Ai
Sharepoint Online site - Product catalog
Sharepoint Online site - Website links f

Collaborating and communicating from any screen in your ERP

Besides collaborating with other people, you can also communicate with other people. To do that, the button "Documents" can be replaced with a button "Documents and Communicate". We could have done this for the above stock item form but, we have done it for the Sales Order screen that includes the above stock item. To enable communication (chat, video call, web conferencing adhoc or planned) about the particular sales order and the Sharepoint documents, web links, issues or calendar, clicking on the button will open up a  Microsoft Teams site for that customer. In the MS Teams site you can invite your customer or anyone to participate in the chat, video call, web conference, and share your screen during the video call! This means very fast resolution of issues, and quick shipment!

Acumatica Crossroads Plaza Owner Sales O
Crossroads Plaza Owner MS Teams site.jpg
Crossroads Plaza Owner MS Teams communic
Crossroads Plaza Owner MS Teams site lin

Collaborating and communicating from a mobile phone with your ERP contacts

A good practice is to always have your ERP dashboard open so that when a customer, vendor or employer calls you, you can take notes of your conversation in the ERP Contact activity screen. SInce Acumatica Cloud ERP can sync all emails, contacts, tasks with Microsoft Exchange in both directions, all contacts, emails, and tasks/to do's will be in your mobile application. So, now you can call, video call, web conference and text message from your phone contacts. To do's can be dragged into your calendar to make it a scheduled task/event. You can share tasks and calendars with other people. MS Teams on your desktop and your mobile phone enables video calls, webconferencing and document sharing.

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