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Acumatica News


In the Acumatica News page, news items will be covered that benefit you as a customer. Such news items could be as follows:

  • Press releases about Acumatica

  • Industry market reviews such a ERP comparisons from Gartner, Mintras, ....

  • ERP industry awards

  • ..

These news items especially the industry market reviews and ERP industry awards, are important since they normally give an independent assessment of the features of the Acumatica ERP and the Acumatica eco system (Acumatica company, Acumatica partners, ISVs and OEMs). Based on that assessment, the ERP vendors get ranked. For customers who are new to this cloud ERP world, this might be a first screening of ERP vendors so that they can focus on those ones that fit their industry. 

Press Releases about Acumatica

Press releases about Acumatica are as follows:

  • 1/27/2020

    • Acquisition of JAAS​, that develops the Acumatica Manufacturing Suite, by Acumatica

      • Importance: more developers and support people will be added to speed up the development of new features. ​

      • Details

  • 06/29/2019 ​​

    • Acquisition of Acumatica by EQT Partners, a private equity investment company​

      • Importance: more working capital will be invested by the EQT partners into Acumatica so that Acumatica can speed up and expand the ma​rketing, development and R@D of the Acumatica products and services/support

      • Details

  • More press releases

Industry market reviews

Press releases about Acumatica are as follows:

  • 1/06/2020

    • Software Connect rated the Acumatica Manufacturing ERP number 10 among manufacturing ERPs

      • Importance: actually Acumatica ranked very high since only Epicor, NetSuite, Syspro and Sage 100 should be looked as as valid contenders. Epicor and NetSuite have a TCO that is way higher than the TCO of Acumatica. Syspro and Sage uses very old technology that can not incorporate new technologies such as AI/Machine Learning languages, REST APis, and modern mobile applications. 

      • Details

    • Third Stage consulting ranked the Acumatica Manufacturing ERP number 4 among manufacturing ERPs​

      • Importance: the ease of use of the Acumatica ERP was confirmed again​

      • Details

  • Acumatica is named the leader in Forbes, G2 and Gartner Channels! Details​​

  • More industry market reviews​​​​

  • More media coverage


ERP industry awards

Press releases about Acumatica are as follows:

  • 2/28/2019

    • PC Magazine award

      • Importance: PC Magazine tests ERPs in their lab very thoroughly. Having won the winner's award means a lot. 

      • Details

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