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Acumatica 2020R1 Features


The Acumatica 2020R1 features has now put this cloud ERP way ahead of the competition. The features are phenomenal while the pricing is much lower than the competition.

Features and Improvements

2020 R1 contains several improvements and new features. A list of highlights is provided below.

  • Usability:

    • Capture images using mobile device

    • Dynamically define UDF valid values

    • Tab visibility and GI tab reordering

    • Pivot table percentages and distinct counts

  • New Modules and Workflows:

    • Commerce engine with BigCommerce integration

    • Acumatica payroll

    • CRM lead qualification workflow

    • Pre-defined CRM reports

  • Inventory and Order Management:

    • Matrix inventory

    • WMS wave and batch picking

    • Void and re-create invoices linked to sales orders

    • Additional shipping options

  • Technology:

    • Create expense receipt from camera image

    • Web hooks in customization projects

    • Data imports preprocessing and parallel processing

    • Dashboard caching and refresh

  • Project and Construction:

    • Daily field reports with weather service and photo logs

    • Stepped and capped retainage per project

    • Project balance reconciliation

    • New low-code Workflow Engine.

  • Manufacturing and Service:

    • Data collection via scanning

    • Capable-to-promise and what-if

    • Travel and break time recording*

    • Optimized scheduling using WorkWave


You can see videos here that demonstrate the above features

The Acumatica Summit 2020 Day 2 live keynote shows some of the above features.

Click here.

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